Digital Pathology in the 21st Century

Using the Cloud

Digital pathology takes the standard practice of pathology today and brings it into the 21st century with imaging and cloud technology.

Taking Pathology into the 21st Century.

Traditionally, a pathologist took a bio specimen that has been put on a glass slide and analyzes it to diagnose a disease. This is the practice of histology.

That glass slide is delivered to the pathologist who puts it under an upright microscope - using both the left and right dials to zoom in and out. With Deep Lens, those slides - and sometimes up to a hundred in a rack, are converted to digital images with a whole slide imaging robot in a process called linear scanning.

Those images can actually be viewed on a computer, laptop or phone, and the pathologist can read the image without the need for a microscope or instrument.

How Deep Lens Is Different

The Deep Lens VIPER platform enables viewing of those images on a computer, but the most useful feature of VIPER is that it is actually integrated into the pathologists workflow so that there is seamless handoff between the image and the output of the process - in terms of saved time, reduced costs and faster diagnosis.

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