Using AI to Connect Patients To Clinical Trials

Using AI to Connect Patients To Clinical Trials

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Ohio-based Deep Lens has developed an AI-enabled digital pathology platform that connects to trusted networks of pharma sponsors, researchers, and care teams, so patients can be matched with appropriate clinical trials early in their treatment journey. Deep Lens is an AI-driven digital pathology company focused on disease diagnosis confirmation and clinical trial recruitment.

Deep Lens’ platform, called Viper, combines AI, deep learning, and computer vision to rapidly identify difficult tumor sub-types/stages in real-time with very high accuracy. It can also find and match information associated with trials through real-time diagnosis enhancing coordination among research teams, care teams, and patients.

The Viper collaborative platform has been used and refined over 10 years at more than 85 major institutions in nine countries. It is now available free-of-charge to pathologists around the world.

Last March, Deep Lens partnered with a top global CRO, Worldwide Clinical Trials (WCT), to accelerate confident diagnoses of cancer and streamline oncology trial recruitment, timelines, and workflows. Using Viper, WCT is working to find the most suitable patients for cancer trials at the time of their diagnoses. By working with Deep Lens on clinical trial recruitment, WCT can reach upstream from the oncologist to the pathologist, enabling identification of eligible patients at the time of their diagnosis ­— much sooner than current methods. Going straight to the source can fast-track trial enrollment and potentially shorten the duration of the trial.

“With the global reach and scientific and operations expertise of WCT, we believe we can streamline clinical trial recruitment,” says Dave Billiter, co-founder and CEO, Deep Lens. “And, just as importantly, oncologists can inform patients and their caregivers about clinical research options.” from day one.”

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