Nanalyze: One of the 7 AI Healthcare Startups Automating Clinical Trials.

Recently Nanalyze featured Deep Lens in an article about 7 AI Healthcare Startups Automating Clinical Trials. Below is an excerpt of what they had to say about us:

Pivoting from Pathology to Clinical Trials

We’ve written before about how companies are using AI to accelerate and improve pathology analyses, probably the most important step toward successfully diagnosing and treating cancer. That’s where Columbus, Ohio-based Deep Lens got its start. The startup has raised about $17.2 million since leaving stealth mode in 2018, a year after it was founded, including a $14 million round last April.


The company’s AI platform, Virtual Imaging for Pathology Education and Research (VIPER), was originally a diagnostic tool for identifying cancer that Deep Lens gave away for free. Now the company is leveraging all of that cloud-based data and its network of partner institutions to flag eligible patients at the time of their diagnosis in order to fast track enrollment in clinical trials.

For the full article head to their website via this link.