Live panel: The new clinical ecosystem

Last week Kyle Flickinger took part in a panel discussion at EYEFORPHARMA PHILADELPHIA 2020. 

The new clinical ecosystem – who will be disrupted, who will be displaced? Likely pathways to progression.

Eyeforpharma Philadelphia a place for Pharma executives to meet and network. An opportunity to network and do business and develop new relationships.

Decision-makers from different departments gather with patients, healthcare providers, solution providers and startups. 

Kyle Flickinger was invited to take part in a panel discussion at EYEFORPHARMA PHILADELPHIA 2020. 

The new clinical ecosystem – who will be disrupted, who will be displaced? Likely pathways to progression.



Here is some of what Kyle had to say...

"My name is Kyle Flickinger, and I lead the biopharmaceutical solutions efforts at Deep Lens.

Deep Lens is really trying to improve trial recruitment and time to therapy.

We're trying to close the gaps between where precision diagnosis is happening and where care coordination is happening. We're primarily focused on oncology. 

I can speak for our whole company that we really have a passion for no patient left behind. And I think for me, you know absolutely this conference was originally a commercial conference right; I had the fortune I think to live both on the clinical side, working for large care for many years and also kind of stepped into the commercial side, and really looking at it from both perspectives. 

This is an interesting conference now that has both disciplines. This might be the first year where it's kind of, you know, clinical and commercial together, but you know to really start for me to start the disruptive conversation we need more of these interactions. 

To close the gaps between these two disciplines. It's happening anyway, you know we need to embrace this intersection of stakeholders more fully when we talk about disruption. And because you can't talk about these solutions in isolation and so when I look at that, you know, to me clinical trials really need to be approached as a care option right and looking at it through that lens, you know with check out so the commercial side then is you know with channel design in mind doing clinical you know so that you know everybody can be prepared for all populations. 

The diagnosis the care pathways, because if the goal is the right diagnosis the right treatment the right person at the right time and at the right cost, you know I start looking immediately at the intersection of those stakeholders right and the table stakes, the initial table stakes of real-world data real evidence, you know, it really starts to those are the table stakes that really the new players in my mind are going to be real world. Touch real-world action at a patient level. And so those companies that are to me it's rearranging the deck right in terms of next-gen research so even thinking about, you know, it looks like it's going to favour the idea of the independent physician networks those that can touch the patient and harness the power of all these technologies now that are coming to bear. 

So I think it's an interesting time you know and that the companies are going to emerge are, and be successful you know are the ones that are going to address some of these really kind of issues around. 

Just kind of mastering these very specific technologies and approaches to high touch with the patient."

Kyle was joined by:

Craig Lipset, Former Head of Clinical Innovation, Pfizer

Rohit Nambisan, President, Lokavant

Jen Horonjeff, Founder & CEO, Savvy Coop

Jacob LaPorte, Co-Founder & Global Head of The BIOME, Novartis

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