Hawaii Cancer Care Deploys Deep Lens’ AI-Screening Tool VIPER™ to Expand Clinical Trial Offering to patients

COLUMBUS, Ohio, and HONOLULU -- April 6, 2021 -- Hawaii Cancer Care and Deep Lens today announced a partnership that will expand the clinical trial offering for patients in Hawaii through the integration of artificial intelligence-based clinical trial screening and enrollment platform, VIPER™. VIPER automates the study screening process from the time of patient diagnosis to qualified enrollment through the ingestion of genomic data, EMR and pathology data. Through the integration of VIPER, Hawaii Cancer Care will be able to quickly and more effectively identify, triage and match patients to precision-based oncology clinical trials.

“We have an extremely busy practice and it can be challenging for our team to comb through multiple sources of patient data to determine eligibility across many different trials -- specifically, in the very narrow window of opportunity that is often required to get patients enrolled,” said Jon S. Fukumoto, M.D. of Hawaii Cancer Care. “We’ve tried other screening tools, but the VIPER platform is unique because it analyzes comprehensive sets of patient data simultaneously and in real-time. This ensures we are able to provide all possible trial options for eligible patients in a timely manner and based on unique disease characteristics.”

It is estimated that more than 15,000 oncology clinical trials are actively recruiting patients, yet patient participation in these trials is often as low as three percent. Limited site capacity and resources play a role in the challenge to recruit and enroll. VIPER streamlines the clinical trial screening process to seamlessly match patients to studies for which they are eligible right at the time of diagnosis. VIPER also provides rich data and interactive reporting capabilities to aggregate site and study-level patient data, making it easier for sites to achieve study objectives.

Deep Lens’ VIPER will be integrating directly to Hawaii Cancer Care’s EMR (OncoEMR), molecular data feeds (Tempus, Caris Life Sciences and Foundation Medicine) and pathology feeds to automatically identify qualified patients for clinical trials. Like Hawaii Cancer Care, any practice that utilizes OncoEMR can easily integrate VIPER and all other Deep Lens screening services free of charge.

“Hawaii Cancer Care has an extensive clinical trial program for patients living on Oahu and other islands, but data suggests that native Hawaiians have historically experienced some of the lowest participation rates in oncology trials,” said Greg Andreola, chief revenue officer at Deep Lens. “Through our collaboration with Hawaii Cancer Care, we are hoping to improve patient engagement, increase participation in trials and ensure that as many patients in Hawaii as are eligible can benefit from emerging new cancer therapies.”

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Deep Lens is a software company focused on a groundbreaking approach to faster recruitment of the best-suited cancer patients to clinical trials. VIPER, Deep Lens’ integrated cloud platform, provides care teams with visibility and workflows that combine lab, EMR, and genomic data to match cancer patients to clinical trials and precision therapies at the time of diagnosis, accelerating recruitment and compressing study timelines to bring game-changing therapies to market sooner. Growing with sponsors, providers, and strategic partners, Deep Lens challenges the status quo so that patients can get the best therapies. For more information, visit

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