Deep Lens recognized in 90+ Artificial Intelligence Startups In Healthcare

Learn how these top startups are applying AI in healthcare to discover new drugs, remotely monitor patients, securely transfer patient data, and provide value-based care.

Healthcare has become a crucial area for artificial intelligence research and applications.

Startups in the space are leveraging AI technology to help individual consumers, clinicians, and hospital systems improve everything from fitness to clinical trials to diagnostics. For example, consumers are adopting virtual assistants to inquire about symptoms and using applications to track fitness metrics.

Meanwhile, radiologists are using computer vision to discern between malignant and benign cells, while hospital systems are deploying AI-driven software to analyze the financial risk of individual patients on behalf of insurers.

In the map below, we identify the 90+ most well-funded healthcare AI startups across 12 categories representing a variety of industry applications where the tech is gaining traction.


Key takeaways


Startups developing AI-driven imaging & diagnostic solutions are the most-represented in our map, accounting for 29% of the startups. They have raised a combined $1.5B in financing, which equates to 22% of disclosed equity funding for the featured startups.

Drug discovery is another popular sector, accounting for 23% of the companies featured on the map and 23% of total disclosed funding.


While 60% of the companies in our map are based in the United States, China and the United Kingdom have also emerged as hubs for healthcare innovation.

China-based healthcare AI startups have benefited from the government’s AI-focused development strategy, stimulating investment and private-public partnerships.

Additionally, the British government has announced a National Artificial Intelligence Lab that will collaborate with Britain’s universities and technology companies to research cancer, dementia, and heart disease. UK-based startups have benefited from the government’s robust library of patient data, as British citizens share their anonymized healthcare data with the British National Health Service.

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Market map

Each company in the map has raised at least one $10M+ funding round since 2018. Categories are not mutually exclusive and companies are sorted by primary use case. Please click to enlarge.



This category includes companies focused on clinical trial management. Building upon more robust datasets, startups in this category help researchers recruit and retain patients, as well as design and manage their studies.

Deep Lens, another startup in this category, uses an AI-based pathology platform called VIPER to identify eligible trial candidates at the point of their diagnosis. The company has attracted $17.2M in disclosed equity funding, with notable investors including Rev1 Ventures, Sierra Ventures, and Ohio TechAngels.

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