Simon's recap on the Journey of Deep Lens

Claudia Imhoff from Boulder BI Brain Trust recently interviewed  Deep Lens president and Co-Founder Simon Arkell.

They discussed the creation, funding and future of the company. Together, they were able to give a deeper insight into one of the world’s first digital pathology cloud platforms.

Claudia had a few questions for Simon on the audience, future growth and motive behind the company.

Q. Other than Pathologists, who will use this platform and how will they use it?

  • Pathology practices have been using microscopes and glass slides for centuries, it is time for new technology. Others that will use this platform include, radiology and drug companies. Radiology practices have been using artificial intelligence and analytics, in simpler forms. Compared to the high resolution cellular level scan of cancer we're able to provide. Drug companies hold a high interest in the platform as they are looking for help. It will assist them in finding patients to fulfill clinical trials, through matching patients and specific cases.

Q. Where will Deep Lens get the money to keep the company growing and ensure investors are happy?

  • An Industry that has a great interest in this platform and the data accessible is the biopharma industry. Biotech and big pharma are willing to pay in ensuring they can identify and recruit patients for clinical trials. They like the idea of utilizing the VIPER platform to solve expensive problems associated with clinical studies and have begun to realize that there is huge value in the process of looking upstream from oncologists to pathologists to identify patients sooner in the process.

Q. Is there any personal interest and personal mission behind Deep Lens?

  • Personal interest was the main reason in the creation of the company. It was a no brainer getting the three of us together with the goal of creating a business that can have a big impact on society. Dave Billiter CEO, Co-Founder has spent a majority of his professional life involved in helping cancer patients. David dedicated a substantial amount of time to building this platform. We are lucky to be able to commercialize and make this available on a global basis.Dr. TJ Bowen devoted his education to gaining an in-depth understanding in cancer. He has completed a PHD in cancer genetics and provides invaluable insight into the science behind our mission.

  • Myself, over the last 10 years I’ve been highly affected by cancer. I’ve been the chairman of a not-for-profit kids cancer organization that I was able to raise a considerable amount of money for. Recently my mother and two close friends were diagnosed with cancer, and watching them go through the process of treatment has reinstated my desire to succeed with the company.All three of us hold great passion in the cause of Deep Lens as we are personally affected by cancer. It will continue to allow us to be involved and invested in the business.

You can listen to the full interview here.... 


A great insight into Deep Lens provided from Co-Founder Simon Arkell. It's clarified what the company intends on achieving and how it’s able to progress into the future.

Deep Lens’ digital pathology cloud platform, VIPER, has allowed pathology groups to collaborate on groundbreaking cancer research for over 10 years. Based on feedback from hundreds of expert global users, the system is being enhanced to include AI-powered image detection and workflow support, telepathology, collaboration, cloud storage and built in APIs for integration.

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